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Order of loading wired/wireless driver modules in unstable

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For a long time, my debian unstable laptop loaded wlan driver before wired
lan driver.. couple of weeks ago the order was reversed, wired lan drivers
were loaded before wlan.

Now, it seems that again wlan drivers are loaded first.. 

How can I make wired (e100) driver to be loaded before wlan drivers.. ? I
like it better that way.

And in fact my system now loads 2 different wlan drivers for the same card, 
orinoco_pci and hostap_pci.. how can I disable the other? I tried to add it 
to skip list of discover, but it didn't help..

I'm running 2.6.14-1-686 kernel. I have udev installed, and hotplug purged.

Is there tutorial/documents somewhere how loading of drivers is handled in
Debian nowadays? 


[Please CC to me, I'm not on list]

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