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Re: kde and gnome not wokring

Mark Hammerton said...
> i recently used aptitude update and aptitude dist-upgrade and accidentlly
> removed kde
> I tried to aptitude the kde packages but there was a broken package kdeedu
> but since i dont that need that one it was alright.

Presumably you are using testing. This would be useful info.

> I then tried to start kdm and it wouldn start

More info needed. Are you saying that you don't automatically start kdm? 
Or are you saying that you boot to the command line, then try to start 

> so i did aptitude install kdm
> and then selected kdm as the default display manager but now when i boot up
> i it says kdm is started but there is nothing there

'it' being dmesg? That part of the log might help. There is a problem 
with the runlevel management of kdm/gdm that can result in neither being 
initiated, I've seen this. The way I managed it was to use sysv-rc-conf.

> and when i try to start
> gdm it says gdm is not my default display manager and it can not be started.
> i was using gnome earliar before i did aptitude install kdm.

If you no longer need gdm, then do
# aptitude purge gdm
In addition, use sysv-rc-conf (or similar) to ensure that it isn't being 

BTW, the kde meta-package isn't necessary for the essentials of kde. I 
only use kde-core and add any other required packages separately. Ditto 
Gnome withe gnome-core.


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