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Re: 'hotplug' gone... how to set up interfaces now ?

* Joe Emenaker <joe@emenaker.com> [2005 Nov 12 17:01 -0600]:

> Pcmcia-cs and udev would load the drivers for the interface, but not
> bring it up.
> waproamd or wpasupplicant would scan for available access points and, if
> found, would associate with them.
> Once the wireless associated, then ifplugd would see an available link
> and then try to 'ifup' it.

Admittedly, I didn't spend much time trying to sort things out, but
once udev 0.72+ was installed, waproamd stopped working so I rolled
udev back to 0.70 and have it on hold (this appears to be the last
version that doesn't conflict with hotplug).  I do have ifplugd running
and it works flawlessly on my wired interface while the wireless config
seems rather fragile.  I'm afraid that since (IIRC) waproamd is now
considered deprecated that it may not work with udev.

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