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Re: 'hotplug' gone... how to set up interfaces now ?

Micha wrote:

>After upgrading my laptop to debian testing, the package 'hotplug' was
>removed (it was merged into udev somehow). But now the pcmcia eth0 
>interface didn't launch anymore.
Are you using ifplugd? Ifplugd watches your interfaces and does
ifup/ifdown when it sees a link-beat (for wired interfaces) or
association with an access-point (for wireless interfaces). It lets you
specify which interfaces you want managed by ifplugd and it also lets
you specify if any of those will be managed by hotplug (now udev).

I think your optimal solution would be something involving pcmcia-cs,
udev, waproamd or wpasupplicant (for wireless), and ifplugd.

Pcmcia-cs and udev would load the drivers for the interface, but not
bring it up.

waproamd or wpasupplicant would scan for available access points and, if
found, would associate with them.

Once the wireless associated, then ifplugd would see an available link
and then try to 'ifup' it.

The tough part might be getting wpasupplicant to launch when a new
interface becomes available. I'm pretty sure that waproamd lets you
specify interfaces to be handled by hotplug, so I think that means that
waproamd has some support for interfaces that suddenly appear, but I'm
not sure if wpasupplicant does.

- Joe

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