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Re: Using WPA without wpa_supplicant?

Am Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2005 20:06 schrieb Freddie Cash:
> Interesting.  What's the iwpriv command?  It's not present on my unstable
> system.  But, then, I don't use any of the wireless tools, so it's
> probably part of that package.  :)

Yes, it is part of that package. Description from man page:
iwpriv - configure optionals (private) parameters of a wireless network 

> I prefer the wpa_supplicant approach, as I can then treat my wireless and
> wired interfaces the same, using the same ifconfig/dhclient commands.

I also treat them the same! Of course you can use ifconfig/dhclient to 
configure your network interfaces, but a better (?) approach is to specify 
all your network settings in /etc/network/interfaces and then use "ifup" and 
"ifdown" to bring your devices up and down. This is, what the standard Debian 
network tools do.

> Don't have to worry about any iwpriv commands, setting the ssid, keys,
> etc.  

I don't either, they are just in the conf file (and furthermore: not another 
conf file, but the normal networking one).

> And wpa_supplicant.conf supports multiple network configs (mine 
> currently has 5 networks in there, so I can connect to the library,
> coffee shops, home, or office wireless networks without any extra work), 
> where it will connect to the first AP that matches one of the network 
> blocks (with a user priority setting if there are multiple matches).

I am pretty sure, that this is possible, although I am not using it.
If you don't know ifup, ifdown and the network configuration 
file /etc/network/interfaces, I recommend looking at "man interfaces", it 
simplifies a lot and is quite standard (on Linux anyways).

> TMTOWTDI, I guess.  :)
> The really nice thing about wpa_supplicant, is that I get all the benfits
> of the bazillion different wireless profile managers out there, but with
> full WEP and WPA support (haven't found any that support WPA), and only a
> single text file to edit (no GUI needed).  :)  And it's portable across
> Linux and FreeBSD, which is a major boon to me, being a FreeBSD user at
> heart and at home (I only use Debian because of work).  Plus, it works
> with any WPA-enabled NIC.

Yes, I am not saying it is bad. But the poster asked about non-wpa_supplicant 
ways of doing this, if the wireless card supports it. 
I am not sure at all, that "my" procedure works for any card. I just like it 
better like that and it works for me :-)

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