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Re: whereami, hibernate & ifconfig

Hi Derek,

Just some additional comments: In my case, with ifplugd running, I
cannot even get eth0 down. That is, if I remove the cable, do 'ifconfig
eth0 down', eth0 is still UP. Only after stopping ifplugd, I can take
eth0 down.

Additionally, I restart ifplugd on resume, because otherwise the network
would still be in its old state after resuming (meaning an incorrect IP
address or something like that). Restarting ifplugd fixed that. (I see
there is also a SUSPEND_ACTION in /etc/default/ifplugd, but I don't know
in which way that is used.)

It's strange that ifplugd freezes the laptop if you remove the cable
before shutting down. I'm still thinking on how to explain that.


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