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Re: whereami, hibernate & ifconfig

Koen Vermeer wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 16:15 -0300, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Any ideas?  (Please don't suggest some other network detection scheme -
>> the problem is not whereami, it's the fact that the interface needs time
>> to settle down before it can be tested, and that's going to be the same
>> no matter what detection method I use).
> Two comments:
> - There are more people experiencing the timeout problem with b44. I
> don't know if there is a solution, but search for 'b44 transmit timed
> out' and maybe you'll find a solution.

Oh s**t!  Of course, I really should have looked to see if there's a fix for
the _underlying_ problem.

> - You might leave some more room for people to help you. IMHO, it's the
> combination of a buggy b44 and the way whereami works that bites you.

I think you're wrong but even if not, I've invested too much time in making
whereami work the way I want to want to do all this all over again with a
completely different scheme.  In any case, after watching this and other
lists for years, it's clear that 'whereami' has the _best_ support from its
developer (I already have a fix from Andrew [1], thanks).

> There may be other 'network detection schemes' that will work even with
> the b44 problems. 

> I would suggest ifplugd, but I'm not, because I think 
> it's what you call a 'network detection scheme'.

I've got no problem with a solution that doesn't prevent me using whereami -
I just don't want to get into something that requires me to completely redo
what I did for whereami.

afaict, ifplugd doesn't help, but that might be because of whereami's
action.  I have ifplugd.  However, ifplugd requires mii-tool, and mii-tool
requires the link to be configured (and the link isn't configured because
whereami took it down again). 

Perhaps, as I suggested in my first post, all I need is to "ifconfig eth0
up" as the last step in whereami.  Then ifplugd might eventually catch the
link-status change and bring up the link.  However, ime, ifplugd hasn't
been doing a very good job.  If ifplugd was really working, I shouldn't
even need to run whereami from the resume script - ifplugd should run it
when the link comes up.  I'll look at ifplugd again, but what I've been
seeing is that it sees the link-beat, tries to bring up the interface, then
I get the b44 timeout and it takes down the interface.  Eventually it's
successful but it takes quite a while.  (Incidentally, I've also had
ifplugd completely freeze my laptop for somewhere around 10 minutes if I
make the mistake of removing the ethernet cable immediately _before_
shutting down the computer).

Thanks for your suggestions.  I _will_ look deeper into ifplugd but I won't
be ditching whereami :-)

[1] Andrew Macmillan's solution, which doesn't appear to have been cc'd to
the list was to add the following to the whereami detect.conf:
> # Always sleep 5 (with dummy location)
> always sleep 5 dummy
> # Test for the presence of an ethernet connection plugged into eth0
> testmii eth0 lan

I hadn't figured out how to force an arbitrary command to execute in the
detect script.

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