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Re: Kernel, modules and GCC format

janjansenbe wrote:
> Can you explain how update-alternatives works in practice ?

Here is an old discussion of it.


But update-alternatives is not appropriate here for managing the
/usr/bin/gcc symlink because currently that is part of the 'gcc'
package.  (And the same for /usr/bin/g++ being part of the 'g++'
package.)  Alternatives are not really to be used for different
versions of the same tool.  (And automake's use of it like that is

I came late to this thread, but if you are compiling a kernel and
using make-kpkg then you should be using MAKEFLAGS to control the
compiler version.  See the man page for make-kpkg for details but the
quick answer is:

  MAKEFLAGS="CC=gcc-4.0" make-kpkg ...


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