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Re: Kernel, modules and GCC format

"Gorjanc Gregor" <Gregor.Gorjanc@bfro.uni-lj.si> writes:
>>>"Gorjanc Gregor" <Gregor.Gorjanc@bfro.uni-lj.si> writes:
>>> I just bought IBM ThinkPad R50e and I successfully installed Debian
>>> testing on it. Works nice. Is there anyone who is willing to share
>>> kernel (2.6) and any modules configuration optimized for this brand?
>>> I really get lost in 'make menuconfig', it is just to technical for
>>> my hardware/computer knowledge.
>>My advice to you would be to stick with the Debian default kernel:
>>The only significant feature that isn't supported by it[1] is the IBM
>>ACPI extras, which you can live without, and it does come with
>>everything compiled as modules nicely.
>>Once you *know* why you need a custom kernel, build one.  Change for the
>>sake of change is seldom /forward/ progress. ;)
> Thanks to Daniel, Nate and Arjen for the response.
> You all made fair statements and I am convinced to stay with Debians
> kernel. I just installed 2.6.11-1-686 image but now I have other problem.
> I installed sources for ipw2200 and thinkpad modules and tried to install
> them via 'module-assistant' and for ipw2200 it went fine. However, I am
> not able to load the module, since the format is not the right one. I don't
> have the exact message, since I write from Windows at the moment :( I have
> "GCC 4", while kernel might be compiled with "GCC 3.3", just guessing.

That is probably the case, or vice-versa.

> Should I compile kernel with config, from /boot of currently installed
> kernel or is it something else? I know this list is not primary place for
> such issues, but since it came up from above discussion I hope anyone can
> help me with it.

My advice would be to install the other compiler, and try again with the
module-assistant.  Again, sticking to the mainline system is usually

However, if you do end up wanting to compile a custom kernel, the
default Debian source packages are a good way to start.


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