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Re: Netgear wg511, 2.6/Sarge - weird?

I was running this card on Sarge when it was still Testing.  Did you
install the wireless-tools package?

If so, do an iwconfig and see if the card is detected with wireless

If you see wireless extensions in the output, try an "iwlist
eth1(interface) scan" to see if it picks up the AP

If the card is up and the module loaded then the green light should be
on.  When the interface is routing traffic, the yellow light will be

Also, you might try a lsmod to see if the prism54 and the Yenta modules
are loaded before you scan. 


On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 06:53 -0700, Rusty Carruth wrote:
> Ok, I'm playing with a friends Netgear WG511 card under
> Sarge/kernel 2.6.
> It seems to be detected by the kernel as prism54 (when
> I plug it in I get:
> kernel: PCI: Enabling device 0000:09:00.0 (0000 -> 0002)
> kernel: ACPI: PIC interrupt 0000:09:00.0[A] -> GSI 10 (level, low) -> IRQ 10
> pci.agent[10191]:    prism54: already loaded
> The two LEDs on the card do not light.
> when I run AirSnort, it doesn't see anything (now, I may not be in range 
> of my
> neighbor across the street running a wireless setup, so I may actually be
> working - or maybe he's not using the same band, or whatever).  
> (Unfortunately,
> I do not have a wireless hub here, I'm just trying to get his card to work
> to see if I can do it and prove (to him) that I don't need the silly windows
> drivers from Netgear to get the pcmcia card to work (assuming that's
> possible ;-))
> Has anyone gotten a netgear wg511 with prism54 to work in scan mode
> under debian?  If not, I think I'm going to give up and get to looking
> for something that works - enough of this 'prove stuff' mode ;-)
> (Especially since I'm going to give the card back to him once
> I'm done!)
> rc

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