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Re: Netgear wg511, 2.6/Sarge - weird?

Rusty Carruth:
> Ok, I'm playing with a friends Netgear WG511 card under
> Sarge/kernel 2.6.

When did your friend purchase the card? And what's printed at the
bottom? Unfortunately, Netgear decided to switch chipsets without
changing the product name or the PCI-ID. Therefore they are hard to tell
apart for humans and impossible for the linux kernel.

The older ones have prism54 chips, the newer ones have something else
which is unsuported, as far as I know. If your label says "Made in
Taiwan", you are probably lucky and you have an old card. If it is "Made
in China", I guess you're out of luck.

> It seems to be detected by the kernel as prism54 (when
> I plug it in I get:

As I write above, that doesn't mean anything.

> The two LEDs on the card do not light.

You do have wireless-tools installed? What does iwconfig tell you?

> Has anyone gotten a netgear wg511 with prism54 to work in scan mode
> under debian?

The prism54 chips work quite well here, even in monitor mode.

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