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Re: home WPA-secured network -- as simple as possible

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> If I had realized that you wanted to use NDISwrapper with the card I
> would have suggested that there may be issues.  Also, as noted, you may
> need a newer driver or firmware for the Orinoco card to enable WPA
> support.[1]

OK, so I back off. I really do not want to dive into non-standard drivers
(and even firmware!) that much and I really do not want to share that much
secrets on our home network. What I really wanted and needed is that if my
neighbor opens his Windows-notebook he won't get in Wireless networks my
home network as open for his use, so that at least he will be asked for
some key or something. If he is a hacker and wants to waste his time on
cracking my network, I would let him go ahead. Which leads me to this
question: what kind of encryption is whatever is switched on when I use

wireless_enc xxxx-xxxx-xx restricted

in /etc/networks/interfaces? Does it do anything to my Windows-using

Thanks a lot for the help,


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