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Re: experience with Radeon Mobility 9700

>I use the same Radeon with X.Org. It works very well. But there is only
one problem for me and this doesn't bother me. I have some hints for
installation on my laptop:
The link is German, but might help anyway.

I saw it, it looked nice (allthough my german is very rusty). But i dared
not to trust it, since it was for Xorg..

I've installed the driver and it worked flawless. The only problem is my
dualhead, i can't get a proper picture. When i enable the 2nd vga for
dualhead, both monitors screws up the picture. Where you still can login,
but hardly see the picture. And waht i can see is not  dualhead, only a
very bad clone picture.

If anyone has a XFree-config with a working dualhead, please post it here..
(I've already tried fglrxconfig a couple of times)..


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