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wmacpi and fvwm

Hi all,

I have run a dist-upgrade on a notebook (Toshiba Satellite 5100, but
I don't think the model matters much). Since then, the wmacpi program,
which I run in an fvwmbutton (using the fvwm2 window manager, of course)
behaves strangely:

    * The button is black.

    * When I start the wmacpi program manually, it comes up as a black

    * However, when I iconise that window, the icon (!) displays the
      normal wmacpi stuff (LED-lookalike battery status).

Any explanations for this? Any ideas? As a fairly obvious trick, I tried

    wmacpi -iconic

but the program just complains that -i was an invalid option (i.e. it
does not appear to use the standard command line processing of X programs).

I'd appreciate any hints.

Thanks in advance, Jan
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