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Re: speedstep-centrino [M] not loading (Dothan)

Es Dimecres, 29 de Juny de 2005 19:28, en H Buurman va escriure:
| Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 3:49:44 PM, Joan wrote:
| JT> | That goes for 2.6.8, but support has been added for Dothan as well.
| JT> ... sure?  I cannot see any line specifying mhz & volts related to a
| dothan JT> processor in vanilla 2.6.11 nor 2.6.12 sources, and
| speedstep-centrino module JT> showed the same error you get when trying to
| load in my 1,6Ghz Dothan...  8-?
| JT> Try that patch and make me know (mine shows 400 mhz -explained at
| bottom of JT> the JB7000 page-)  ;)
| The patch does indeed include voltage settings, something which all
| kernel sources i've checked ( and don't have.
| The patch on the page you mentioned includes other changes that have
| already been (partially) integrated into, so I tried the
| patch at
| http://localhost.ruhr.de/~stefan/acerTM292/patches/cpufreq-speedstep-dothan
|-3.patch (thanks to marco for the url) instead, since that only adds the
| voltage tables for the dothan cpu's.
| And it works! :)
Thanks for the link.  I've tryed successfully (it's been working for a few 
hours now) with lower voltages:

7,00v & 400mhz
7,00v & 600mhz
8,12v & 800mhz
9,08v & 1000mhz
10,04v & 1200mhz
11,00v & 1400mhz
11,96v & 1600mhz

I don't know yet if this will save battery... hope so  ;)

| JT> Believe /sys.  Anyway you'll have to notice it gets colder than
| before... Fortunately, gkrellm's cpuspeed plugin seems to work properly and
| it's indeed showing lower frequencies now that it's running.
| Now, who do I need to ask to include this patch in the next kernel
| revision? :)
Good thought  ;)

Joan Tur (aka Quini), Eivissa-Spain
    Jabber: quini2k@jabber.org
       Yahoo & AIM: quini2k
  Linux: usuari registrat 190.783

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