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Re: Troubles with Intel graphics card and XFree86

Zsolt Rizsanyi wrote:
>> Almost there, but not quite -- I have installed X.org packages and
>> apparently I haven't broke any other package. However, when I have tried
>> to use i810 driver, I have got a lot of "/dev/dri/card* no such device"
> Do you have udev installed? What says
> ls -l /dev/dri/card*
> ?

No, I didn't -- it is not neither required nor recommended by any package I
have installed.

Even after installation of udev, I still have to stick with VESA (see
attached logs). And no, there is nothing in /dev/dri directory. Do you have
any idea, how to make these DRM modules work?

> BTW DRI is not essential for making X work, so these are only warnings

OK, so what I am doing wrong that X doesn't want to start up with i810


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