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Alan Pope wrote:

On 13/05/05, Brandon Richards <hobbes34@gmail.com> wrote:
Derek Broughton wrote:
On Friday 13 May 2005 13:34, robert wrote:
help me... notebook sony vaio model PCG-9N1M, DRIVER ATI RADEON IGP
Do you have the slightest clue how likely it is that anyone will even try?

No subject...

No problem description...

And I'm betting it isn't even linux related.  If I'm wrong, _please_ repost
with a subject AND a problem description.

I bet that I can tell u the problem cuz I had the exact same problem
with my sony laptop which is a model pcg-nvr23.  For some reason X won't
load into sony laptops.  I don't know why but for some reason it won't.
So don't ask me how to fix it.   Hope someone can help this poor guy though.

Uhm, forgive me but you're very wrong. Many laptops run X just fine.
Yours will to.

I just typed your model number into google and the *first* hit is a
guy who runs linux on his.


Hope that helps.

I put slackware on mine also. I was talking more along the lines of debian. I am actually running fedora core 3 on mine dual boot with windows xp. All other distros seem to work except for debian. I wanted to try debian first as it seemed like the best distro since it is all made by developers who arent in conjunction with a corporation. As I am a Windows hater and I will be the first to tell u that I wish bill gates would die, I actually am running a limited windows desktop with only essential things and a game or two on windows on my laptop. On my main home PC I am running a full range of windows programs as it does not have the processing power nor the graphics card to play games i want to play. Home PC is a 500 Mhz 384 MBs of RAM with a Voodoo 5 5500 64 MB graphics card. If I had more hard drive space I would probably run dual boot on home PC as well, but only 20 gigs fills up kinda fast with all the mp3s out there nowadays. I am not telling u this to make anyone mad I just wanted everyone to know what I have. I am planning on getting another hard drive when I get a lil better job. Hope all of u have a good day.


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