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Darryl Pierce wrote:

On 5/13/05, Brandon Richards <hobbes34@gmail.com> wrote:
I put slackware on mine also.  I was talking more along the lines of
debian.  I am actually running fedora core 3 on mine dual boot with
windows xp.  All other distros seem to work except for debian.  I wanted
to try debian first as it seemed like the best distro since it is all
made by developers who arent in conjunction with a corporation.

So, when you installed Debian on your Sony it just wouldn't go into X?
What did you do in order to configure it or figure out the problem?
What video hardware does the laptop have and what video server did you

It just wouldnt go into X! I tried everything I could think of to try. I went to Nvidia's site, downloaded the drivers for it, recompiled the kernel, everything. It actually has an Nvidia GeForce 420 go graphics chip with 32 MBs of RAM. I tried gnome and KDE and xdm. Those were the only video servers the installation package gave me.

Thanks again,


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