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Re: ipw2200 + wpa_supplicant + EAP ident

Jonathan Siegle wrote:

    I have this working now.

How? I wasn't able to get my ipw2200 to do "monitor" mode.... which kismet and wpa_supplicant seemed to require.

Is there a new ipw2200 driver, or did you get wpa_supplicant to work around it?

Did you get it working or should I be more elaborate?

I haven't tried wpa_supplicant, yet... but it turns out that I was using version 0.6 or something of the driver and I upgraded to the latest. I've little doubt that it'll work now. I'm actually pretty surprised at the rate that they're coming out with updates to the driver.

Now, if they can just get monitor mode working (like they do for the ipw2100)....

- Joe

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