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Re: Skype on Armada 7400

On Fri, 6 May 2005 18:15:22 -0500
Willie wrote:

> Thanks, got esound-clients installed.
> No joy on skype, though.
> With a "esddsp -m" before starting skype, skype STILL complains:
> /dev/dsp-1: Device or resource busy

All other sound apps off, use alsa with the oss plugin and make /dev/dsp0 the
default if you have no other dsp's there. Add yourself to group audio and go
Skyping. Skype can use only one audio device and it has to be free so you cannot
listen to your mp3's on the same device if you use Skype. If you have another
audio device you may have to point Skype to it or make your other sound app use
it. All sound daemons that Gnome and other desktops install have to be off.

You have to have a fully duplex sound system too, for instance the cs4232 under
pure oss is not duplex so there will be no outgoing sound at all. From what I
have noticed so far Skype really needs the 400MHz computer with 128M ram just as
they tell us on their website, a P2-300/150M is not quite enough unless the
system is very lightly loaded and even then the cpu goes over 60% when talking
on the phone. On a slower computer a massive amount of ram seems to help
marginally but the sound will still have dropouts and echoing making it hard to



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