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Re: stand by

On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 07:31:34PM -0300, Joao Paulo Vanzuita wrote:
> hi, i'm using a dell latitude cpx and stand by apm option doesn't
> working, when do apm -S , it goes to a black screen, and after few seconds
> it backs to normal screen, no one error message, no log error message

Warning: I have a Thinkpad and always use "apm -s" (--suspend), never "apm
-S" (--standby).

What kernel are you running?

Sometimes I have had apm problems with the PCMCIA system and modules
running--or even just with a PC card inserted (yes, even after running
"cardctl eject" but failing to remove the card physically), especially if
on AC power.

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