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help with pcmcia wireless connect

I am using debian unstable.
I have a laptop and use a pcmcia wireless card to dhcp at a location.
My first attempts to connect was to put the card in the slot, ipdown
eth1and then
iwconfig eth1 essid essid_name. That would work about 2 of 3
I am at a different location now that requires a wep key. Using
ifdown eth1 then 
iwconfig eth1 essid essid_name key key_number connects about 1 of 6
I eddited /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts to enable the botton of the file
and complete
This works every time. (yea)
I want to configure for other locations using /etc/network/interfaces
iface home inet dhcp
	wireless_essid essid-home
	wireless_mode managed
	wireless_key key-home
iface work inet dhcp
	wireless_essid essid-work
	wireless_mode managed
	wireless_key key-work

Then ifup eth1=home , or eth1=work
This fails. I check iwconfig and the ap is all 4's.
I added wireless_ap ap-number 
with no change.
I cant figure out what to try different or change.
I have also tried mapping in /etc/network/interfaces
mapping hotplug
	script grep
	map eth1
Then ifup eth1=hotplug
This also fails.

What am I not doing correctly???????????


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