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Re: help with pcmcia wireless connect

On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 02:38:22PM -0800, gm c wrote:
> I edited /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts to enable the botto[m?] of the file
> and complete
> essid="essid_name"
> mode="managed"
> key="key_number"
> This works every time. (yea)
> I want to configure for other locations using /etc/network/interfaces
> like:

It is probably better to choose either the /etc/pcmcia/*.opts or the
/etc/network/interfaces customizations, and not try to mix them together.

> iface home inet dhcp
>       wireless_essid essid-home
>       wireless_mode managed
>       wireless_key key-home
> iface work inet dhcp
>       wireless_essid essid-work
>       wireless_mode managed
>       wireless_key key-work
> Then ifup eth1=home , or eth1=work
> This fails. I check iwconfig and the ap is all 4's.

Does iwconfig show that you have successfully set the ESSID (and the key,
if you run it as root)?

> I have also tried mapping in /etc/network/interfaces
> mapping hotplug
>       script grep
>       map eth1
> Then ifup eth1=hotplug
> This also fails.

This little stanza just tells the system to treat "ifup eth1=hotplug" the
same as "ifup eth1=eth1".  (The thing on the left of "=" means the physical
interface that you are trying to activate.  The thing of the right of "="
indicates which configuration to extract from /etc/network/interfaces.)

This (trivial) transformation is standard because the hotplug system runs
"ifup IFACE=hotplug".  It's pointless if you want to run "ifup
eth1=WHEREVER" by hand, because you would want "ifup IFACE=hotplug" to

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