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Re: Hints for cpufrequency on a D800 ?

> Hi,
Hi Koen

> I'm not sure that I understand you. Do you plan on installing Debian and
> are you using Suse now? What do your problems have to do with your spare
> notebook drive? Did the frequency scaling work before?

Actually, i used a spare notebook hard drive to install debian (sid) on the
notebook (which, by the way, is my main machine).

Using that, with a stock kernel installation (2.6 i686) i was not able to
have cpufreq up and running.

On my suse installation, the powe saving features are all working correctly.

> I don't see any reason why frequency scaling shouldn't work in your
> case. But before anyone can help, you should give us some more details
> about your problem, your current setup and the things you have tried to
> get it to work.

It's not a problem, is just a request for assistance. Even pointing to a
document could do.

> Koen


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