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Re: Hints for cpufrequency on a D800 ?


I'm not sure that I understand you. Do you plan on installing Debian and
are you using Suse now? What do your problems have to do with your spare
notebook drive? Did the frequency scaling work before?

I don't see any reason why frequency scaling shouldn't work in your
case. But before anyone can help, you should give us some more details
about your problem, your current setup and the things you have tried to
get it to work.


Op di 15-03-2005, om 14:20 schreef Luca Botti:
> I am thinking about going Debian for my D800 (actually, Suse 9.2), bu, working 
> with a spare notebook drive, i could not have the cpu frequency stepping work 
> for my centrino (765, i think? it's the 2.10 processor, 400 mhz fsb, 2mb 2nd 
> level cache.)
> Can anybody help me out on this, please? I could not find anything on the 
> usual sites (linux-on-laptop, tuxmobil...)

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