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Re: Hints for cpufrequency on a D800 ?

Op di 15-03-2005, om 15:34 schreef lbotti@email.it:
> Actually, i used a spare notebook hard drive to install debian (sid) on the
> notebook (which, by the way, is my main machine).
> Using that, with a stock kernel installation (2.6 i686) i was not able to
> have cpufreq up and running.

I'm not sure that it is included by default. Do a ls
/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0 to see if cpufreq is listed there. If not,
try to modprobe the right modules. Look in
/lib/modules/[version]/kernel/drivers/cpufreq/ to see if there is
anything there and try to load the right ones. If cpufreq seems to be
included, get cpufreqd (the daemon).

Alternatively, you could try to get a newer version of the kernel, and
compile your own kernel with the ondemand cpufreq governor. That one
doesn't need a userspace tool to do it's job and is sufficient in most


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