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Re: Problem getting my Crystal 4237b sound card to work

Op do 30-12-2004, om 21:53 schreef Alexander Toresson:
> then had to configure. Isn't alsa built into the kernel 2.6 and later?

The drivers are part of the kernel, the tools (configuration tools,
players etc.) are not.

> I then tried to use modprobe to install the drivers. Didn't work.
> Output of "modprobe snd-cs4236":
> CS4236+ soundcard not found or device busy
> FATAL: Error inserting snd_cs4236
> (/lib/modules/2.6.8-1-686/kernel/sound/isa/cs423x/snd-cs4236.ko): No
> such device
> FATAL: Error running install command for snd_cs4236

What did lsmod show? Maybe some other driver was already claiming the
soundcard. If, during boot, it still loads the wrong driver, try the
rename thing I mentioned earlier.
You could try unloading all sound related modules that show up in the
lsmod list, and then modprobe snd-cs4236 again.

I haven't configured any ISA PnP cards lately, but maybe something like
pnpdump or lspnp shows something useful. You might need to enter the
right options when you modprobe snd-cs4236 (such as the port or IRQ),
which is probably shown in the output of those commands.

So, in short: First make sure that no other driver is in your way. Then
try to get snd-cs4236 loaded by specifying the right options.


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