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Re: Audio question - mic-in/line-in

Michael Murphy schrieb:
I'm shopping for a new laptop.  My current toshiba laptop's sound card
(ymf754) lacks a line-in jack which results in badly overdriven audio
at even the lowest mixer setting when doing such things as
transferring lp's to cd's.
There seem to be very few notebooks which have a line-in jack, but
more which list a combination mic-in/line-in.  For instance, the acer
aspire 1520 and the asus Z9000 both seem to sport this feature.  Do
these ports automatically detect the line level and self adjust?  Is
it purely a hardware feature or is special support in linux required?
I'm clearly no audio engineer and would appreciate the guidance of

Notebook audio uses to be minimal but you can easily connect an external audio card for recording. I use a Terratec Aureon USB, I bought for about EUR 50.- and there are similar affordable cards sold by Typhoon e.a. You might want to look at alsa-project.org for Linux-compatible devices.

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