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Re: Audio question - mic-in/line-in

Michael Murphy wrote:

There seem to be very few notebooks which have a line-in jack, but
more which list a combination mic-in/line-in.  For instance, the acer
aspire 1520 and the asus Z9000 both seem to sport this feature.  Do
these ports automatically detect the line level and self adjust?  Is
it purely a hardware feature or is special support in linux required?
I know that, on Windows, almost all machines I use (laptops and desktops) now let me adjust the gain of the mic-in. Apparently, this gain ajdustment lets you select anywhere between line-level and mic-level. I figure that this adjustment isn't just software (ie, Windows), but some adjustment that's being made to the card itself. So, it's a matter of whether the kernel supports it and whether the current set of sound mixer tools do as well.

What'd I'd do (in fact, it's what I'm *going* to do when I go shopping for a new laptop next week) is bring along a recent Knoppix (or other full-featured live-cd) disc and boot it in the various laptops and see if you can adjust the recording gain anyhow.

- Joe

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