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Re: Firewall and Laptop

On 30 Dec 2004, Zachary Uram wrote:
> I've been meaning to setup a firewall and wonder if anyone has setup
> an iptables script or can recommend a good program tailored for a
> laptop which is not connected 24x7 (dialup) and receives dynamic IP
> each session (determined by my ISP's gateway) running over PPP? I have
> kernel 2.4.18 and running Debian unstable. 

My recommendation would be the `firehol' package, available in unstable.

It isn't a turn-key solution where you can expect it to work in your
configuration out of the box, but it /is/ trivial to set it up as a
simple firewall.

It also allows you to do whatever magic (none, I suspect, but you
specifically mention the setup, so there must be something) you need for
the dynamic nature of the connection.

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