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Re: Debian vs. Fedora on Laptops

On Saturday 25 December 2004 09:21 pm, Ryan D'Baisse wrote:
> I am looking to move from FC2 to Debian, but have questions...
> 2. I have been reading two books, "Linux Pocket Guide," by O'Reilly,
> and "Beginning Linux Programming," by Wrox.  Both tend to stress Red
> Hat and Fedora.  Will these books still be of use to me on Debian?
> 3. My primary machine is a laptop (Toshiba 5005-S507).  Most of the
> info I can find on Google, pertaining to laptops, is for Fedora or
> Mandrake.  How well does Debian handle laptops?  Any URLs would be
> GREATLY appreciated.



> Thanks, in advance, to anyone who chooses to respond.  Again, I have
> tried looking, but keep coming up with tons of info for Fedora and
> Mandrake.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanx,
> Ryan

I would recommend trying Knoppix, Mepis or some other bootable Debian based 
distro so that you can see how it looks before installing it.  


Alvin Smith

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