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Re: Firewall and Laptop

On Thursday 30 December 2004 09:28, Ryan D'Baisse wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 09:06:03 -0400, Derek Broughton
> <derek@pointerstop.ca> wrote:
> > Did firestarter get any documentation yet?  I have tried it a few times. 
> > It looks like it's on the right track, but it had useless documentation. 
> > It just wasn't worth the effort.
> If I may offer my $0.02, I am a newbie to Linux and saw this thread
> last night.  Within 5 minutes I had downloaded, installed, and
> configured firestarter with my firewall.  The wizard-like interface
> took virtually all of the thinking out of the equation.  I would guess
> that, if firestarter doesn't have documentation, then it is probably
> because one really doesn't need it with such a slick interface.

Sounds good enough to me, at least to give it another try.  It must be well 
over a year since I tried it.

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