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Re: Firewall and Laptop

On Wednesday 29 December 2004 20:35, Keith Nasman wrote:
> Zachary Uram wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've been meaning to setup a firewall and wonder if anyone has setup
> > an iptables script or can recommend a good program tailored for a
> > laptop which is not connected 24x7 (dialup) and receives dynamic IP
> > each session (determined by my ISP's gateway) running over PPP? I have
> > kernel 2.4.18 and running Debian unstable.
> You didn't mention you were running a GUI on your laptop.....but if you
> are then take a look at firestarter. I am very happy with it.
Did firestarter get any documentation yet?  I have tried it a few times.  It 
looks like it's on the right track, but it had useless documentation.  It 
just wasn't worth the effort.

I use GuideDog very successfully.  Simple to configure and working very 
successfully for me.  You just have to have ifup restart guidedog when you 
get a new connection. If you have many applications using non-standard ports, 
it would probably get awkward, as it's simple to configure, e.g., ftp, but a 
little more difficult to configure app "x" using port 6104.

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