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Re: Debian vs. Fedora on Laptops

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 01:30:06 +0100, norton wrote:
>> It also seemed to easy to corrupt
>> the system by installing the wrong program from one of the downloaded CDs.

That is less likely to happen with Debian than with any other distro, if
you are using apt.

>> (Sarge comes with 14 CDs. People like me have no idea what most of those
>> programs are or how they are supposed to be used.)
> yeah... but download only the 2 first... that was all I needed for one of
> the laptops... the other I used a net install. But I agree that
> documentation is really bad.

People are working on this:

Please take into account that Debian is by far the largest distribution.

>> I think that Knoppix is probably the best distro, but FC3 comes in right
>> afterwards, and RH9 follows that. I might have a more favorable opinion of
>> Debian if it installed correctly, if it supported more hardware out of the
>> box, if it allowed me to log in as 'Root' (Which I sometimes need), and if
>> the software on the CDs worked without corrupting the operating system.

Of course you can log in as root.

The new installer is much improved and is being widely tested.  It will
never work perfectly for everyone, however.

>> But as you can see, my thoughts are not limited to Debian. I feel that
>> entire Linux scene is like a toy where children get things almost done,
>> then they loose interest and try to pass the buck on to someone else.

Yes, that is often what happens.  Furthermore, Debian's social structure
does not promote collaborative maintenance as much as it could and should.
The result is that some Debian packages are buggy and out of date.

> we know it is not like that... those guys are working for peanuts, and are
> doing a bloody good job. Even Aple is using linux, and they have many good
> guys working for them... so it is not like this.

Apple's operating system is not based on Linux.

Thomas Hood

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