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Re: cd record on an IBM T40p with Linux 2.6.9

On Thursday 02 December 2004 14:22, Robert Goley wrote:
You need to look at your grub config file for the append line for the
kernel.  For ide-scsi to work there is a "hdc=ide-scsi" option on that
line.  Your option may have something other than hdc.  If you remove
that, it will never load the ide-scsi module and then you can use the
ATAPI:0,0,0 type device to burn to.  Just for reference, you can not
unload a kernel module that has already bound to a device.  That is why
you got that message trying to unload the ide-scsi module.

Not _quite_ true. You can't unload a kernel module that is _still_ bound to a

If you have a need to keep ide-scsi for a 2.4 kernel, as I do, update-grub
lets you set up specific rules for various versions.  In my case, the
following lets me set up ide-scsi in kernel 2.4 only (note, the comment is
required as it is used by update-grub, not grub itself)

# kopt_2_4=root=/dev/hda2 ro hdd=ide-scsi


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