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Re: cd record on an IBM T40p with Linux 2.6.9

You need to look at your grub config file for the append line for the kernel.  For ide-scsi to work there is a "hdc=ide-scsi" option on that line.  Your option may have something other than hdc.  If you remove that, it will never load the ide-scsi module and then you can use the ATAPI:0,0,0 type device to burn to.  Just for reference, you can not unload a kernel module that has already bound to a device.  That is why you got that message trying to unload the ide-scsi module.


On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 11:50, Lukas Ruf wrote:
> Robert Goley <ragoley@rdasys.com> [2004-12-02 15:13]:
> If you are not using the ide-scsi modules (debian does not load it
> by default), then type this to get your device "cdrecord dev=ATAPI:
> -scanbus".  Your device should be something like this "ATAPI:0,0,0".
> From 2.6.8 and up as far as I can tell, until Linus and Mr.
> Schilling get on the same page you will have to burn your cds as
> root.  in 2.6.8 they restricted certain SCSI write functions to be
> used by root only(good idea keeps people from writing over hard
> drives).  Mr.  Schilling is supposed to implement proper SUID root
> capabilities so that if it is set SUID root it can use those
> functions.  To my knowledge this has not happened yet.

thanks for your answer!

After reading the error message of cdrecord, I already tried burning
CDs as root.  When I try to unload ide_scsi, I get the following

sr_mod                 17188  0
cdrom                  39964  2 ide_cd,sr_mod
ide_scsi               17028  0
scsi_mod              123212  2 sr_mod,ide_scsi
ntfs                  102768  1
vfat                   14592  1
fat                    45984  1 vfat
ide_disk               20224  8
unix                   28212  268
uccellina:~# rmmod ide_scsi
Segmentation fault

Has anybody seen this before?


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