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Re: Anyone using Prism54?

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 02:37:47PM GMT, Bill Moseley 
<moseley@hank.org> incoherently babbled:

> Ok, so in my 2.6.5 kernel I'll have Prism54 version 1.1.  If I want to
> build a newer version I can download either the testing or cvs
> packages from http://prism54.org/download/.  I'm not entirely clear
> what gets build from those tarballs - I assume just the prism54 kernel
> module.  And if using 1.2 or cvs would even make a difference for
> me...

Personally, I'd just use the driver which got merged into the kernel

If you have no particular reason for using 2.6.5 specifically, I'd
suggest you upgrade to 2.6.6+ (perhaps even or 2.6.9) which will
include the prism54 module, saving you having to compile it yourself.  


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