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Re: Anyone using Prism54?

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 12:28:14PM +0000, Conall O'Brien wrote:
> All you do is download the firmware (see http://www.prism54.org for a
> link), put it into /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/

And rename it to isl3890.

> Take a precompiled or custom compiled kernel (I use 2.6 kernels which
> have the prism54 driver since 2.6.6, no idea about the 2.4 series),
> check it's config (/boot/config-$kernel-ver if it's a packaged kernel)
> to ensure the following lines are set:
> Once they are and you have a prism54 module (or the driver built in)
> loaded, you have a standard ethX which you can configure with
> /etc/network/interfaces (see /usr/share/doc/wireless-tools/ for more
> info)

Ok, so in my 2.6.5 kernel I'll have Prism54 version 1.1.  If I want to
build a newer version I can download either the testing or cvs
packages from http://prism54.org/download/.  I'm not entirely clear
what gets build from those tarballs - I assume just the prism54 kernel
module.  And if using 1.2 or cvs would even make a difference for

Thanks for the help,

Bill Moseley

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