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xserver cpu load on 2.6 kernels


 I'm running Debian testing on Acer travelmate 354 laptop. When running
on 2.4 kernels, cpu load is about 0% when windowmaker is loaded and
idle. But, when running kernel 2.6.9, wmcube and wmtop shows me, that
xfree86 eats about 23% of cpu when idle, and about 40-60% when moving
mouse pointer. What is wrong?

  Xserver is started with niceness 0, when starting it with niceness -10
exhibits exactly the same behavior. Is this real cpu load xserver
exposes on cpu which kernel 2.6 shows me and 2.4 not?

  Thanks in advance!

PS: it is pentium III 733mHz, trident cyberblade video chip.

Alexei Chetroi

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