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Black screen problem with vga text mode

I just installed debian 30r3 (woody) a few days ago on my ibm r40 laptop. It seemed that the ethernet adaptor and the sound card didn't work with the default kernel linux 2.2.20 idepci. So I upgraded the kernel to 2.4.19. This solved the ethernet and sound problems. However, it brought me another problem: the screen went black after the grub loaded the kernel with the option vga=0x303, which had been working well with 2.2.20. I could solve the problem by removing this option but that's not good enough. I like working under a vga mode text screen which looks much better than the old 80x25 mode. I tried compiling the kernel with the "frame buffer" feature and this did solve the black screen problem and did also support the 0x303 option but (once again) brought me a new problem: if I switch between x desktop and text console by pressing ctrl+alt+f? several times, the screen will surely become black and with lots of green points on it. (luckily it's not a totally static screen, at least the green points changed when i typed something so i can easily reboot the system.)

I don't think using frame buffer a good idea on my computer. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks a lot!


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