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Re: Need advice: share email linux&xp

William Ballard wrote:

On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 08:29:57PM -0700, Rony wrote:

Okay, most of the apps i need is installed already. Now want to try to
do my work in linux. My system is a dual boot, Sarge-Xp. I'm using
Thunderbird as email client for both. Anybody have any idea how to
share my email folder? I know Thunderbird stores each email account in
a folder.

What i want is, if i retrieve email in Thunderbird linux, i also can
read the email in Thunderbird windows or vice versa.

Should i provide a partition that both linux and windows can write to?
What file system should i use? FAT32? Or any better idea? Many thx.

I use ReiserFS, and there is a program to copy ReiserFS data to Windows,
but you can't just use it.  No idea if it's possible to mount an EXT2/3
drive in Windows; bet you can.

I'd use Fat32 if I need to write to both from both.

I personally use FAT32 between Debian and Win2000. Thunderbird on both linux and Windows. Works like a charm. Have been using this setup for about a year now. Started with
Mozilla Mail then moved over to thunderbird.

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