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Re: Need advice: share email linux&xp

William Ballard wrote:
On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 08:29:57PM -0700, Rony wrote:


Okay, most of the apps i need is installed already. Now want to try to
do my work in linux. My system is a dual boot, Sarge-Xp. I'm using
Thunderbird as email client for both. Anybody have any idea how to
share my email folder? I know Thunderbird stores each email account in
a folder.

What i want is, if i retrieve email in Thunderbird linux, i also can
read the email in Thunderbird windows or vice versa.

What about using IMAP, so your email is accessible from anywhere and it remains on the server? Is this doable for you?

Should i provide a partition that both linux and windows can write to?
What file system should i use? FAT32? Or any better idea? Many thx.

I use ReiserFS, and there is a program to copy ReiserFS data to Windows,
but you can't just use it.  No idea if it's possible to mount an EXT2/3
drive in Windows; bet you can.

I'd use Fat32 if I need to write to both from both.

This could be a solution, if the storage type is not different for the two. But I guess you will have a hard time (if you're not using symlinks in linux) configuring thunderbirds in both OSes to store their mail in a single place. Make sure you have writing perimissions on the vfat partition.


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