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Re: suspend, power save or saving, hibernate mode in Indpiron 5160

Apparently, _Bob Proulx_, on 22/10/04 02:46,typed:
3) This website gives some different options http://softwaresuspend.berlios.de/Software-suspend-2.html#ss2.1 :
at the moment to get these you need to apply the swsusp2 patches.  If
you have a newer ACPI laptop then you will want to do this.  Or wait
until it merges into the official kernel.  But you won't be able to
suspend until you do.  (I could not get the older PM version to
function on my laptop.  But the newer swsusp2 patches are working well
for me.)

On their webpage (http://softwaresuspend.berlios.de/Software-suspend-2.html) in Section 2.4, they say regarding patches: "If your kernel is not the vanilla one from kernel.org, you will have to apply these patches manually and edit some of the rejected hunks."

Is the source I get from Debian sources "kernel-source-XYZ" vanilla?

If it is, I could just do
$> patch -p1 ../patch-name-here

and continue with:
$>make menuconfig
$>make-kpkg --append-to-version=.2.hs --initrd kernel_image modules_image
$>..install the deb ...
$> rm /usr/src/linux
and reboot

However, if the kernel-source-XYZ we get from Debian is NOT vanilla, applying the above patch would be more convoluted so I might as well just use the kernel directly from kernel.org (or a mirror).

4) Whis is better, apm or acpi?
really matter which is better.  Newer laptops do not provide the APM
functionality and so regardless you will need to deal with ACPI if you

The laptop in questions has these in it's /var/log/messages:
apm: BIOS not found.

Does this mean BIOS does not support APM?

5) Does the closing the lid and making the laptop go to suspend/hibernate work?

Not unless you had an event script to activate suspend upon the lid
closing event.  See the 'acpid' for one way to handle this.

Okay, I will have a look.

Thanks for such a nice detailed response,

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