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Re: suspend, power save or saving, hibernate mode in Indpiron 5160

H. S. wrote:
> On their webpage 
> (http://softwaresuspend.berlios.de/Software-suspend-2.html) in Section 
> 2.4, they say regarding patches:
> "If your kernel is not the vanilla one from kernel.org, you will have to 
> apply these patches manually and edit some of the rejected hunks."
> Is the source I get from Debian sources "kernel-source-XYZ" vanilla?

I don't know.  I used the vanilla sources and the patches applied
cleanly.  The main thing I have needed previously from the Debian
patches were the cramfs (compressed ram filesystem) patches.  But
those are now in the vanilla kernel.  So I just used those sources and
did have not tried the Debian kernel.

> However, if the kernel-source-XYZ we get from Debian is NOT vanilla, 
> applying the above patch would be more convoluted so I might as well 
> just use the kernel directly from kernel.org (or a mirror).

Not knowing I cannot say.  You could try it and report the result.
There are a number of Debian patches.  It all depends on if there is
an overlap between a Debian patch and the swsusp2 patches that creates
a conflict or not.


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