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Re: anti-aliasing and fonts

Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
On Friday 15 October 2004 03:03, Derek Broughton wrote:

Probably, but I'm sure it would be better asked on an appropriate list -
debian-kde?  What desktop software are you using?

This could very well be a driver issue, and thus appropriate for this list.

Hi Anders,

That might be it. I have:

    Identifier  "Generic Video Card"
    Driver      "vesa"

in XF86Config-4. Checking the specs of my laptop I find I have a:

Intel 855 GME integrated graphics controller 4x AGP bus

I probably have to have the specific Intel drivers. They do have some Linux drivers (http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df/Detail_Desc.asp?agr=Y&ProductID=955&DwnldID=7485). I think I'll check that out.

tHNx and I'll let you know if I can get it together.

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