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Re: Various questions...

Le Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 07:39:51PM -0700, Rony ecrit :
> Debian automatically does the file checking every mounting 24 times,
> how to configure this? It's too frequent for me.
tune2fs -c# /dev/hd?

> Do we need to defrag in Linux? If yes, what tool to use? I'm using
> ext3 as the file system.

> My Linux time is not correct, i have dual boot with XP. I know it's
> due to the difference between how Linux and Windows store/convert
> GMT. How to set to the correct one?
Dont use GMT time on Linux :
tzsetup -g

> I cannot login to my Yahoo account using Kopete. Always password
> error.  Anybody experience this?
I use GAIM

> I downloaded Opera, but cannot install it using the following
> command: aptitude -i opera-static_7.54-20040803.1-qt_en_i386.deb Can
> we install it using aptitude?
Try using 
dpkg -i

> Last one, anybody can provide me a link to the picture of Debian
> hero/heroine, Ian Murdock and Debra? Just curious how they look like
> :D
Ask google, here is one result :

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