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Synaptics Touchpad (again!...) X ok / console ko

Hi all,

    I read all recent threads about Synaptics Touchpad (*), but I still have a little problem with it: cannot tap in text mode. Well, let me expose it...

* The golden days: when my laptop (HPOmnibook XE3-GF) was running Debian stable, kernel 2.4.18, I succesfully used gpm (device /dev/psaux, type synps2, repeater on) and I could tap; I also created an /etc/gpm-syn.conf file (not documented in gpm package, but see http://www.bisente.com/programas/parches/gpm-synaptics/ficheros/gpm-syn.conf); under X, I simply used /dev/gpmdata (the gpm repeater device). All worked perfectly.

* Today: Debian testing, kernel 2.6.8 (CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=Y, CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSE=Y, CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2=Y, CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_SYNAPTICS=Y), mouse recognised at boot time as Synaptics PS/2 on, but.....

    - UNDER XWINDOW, no problem with xfree86-driver-synaptics.deb installed & /etc/XF86Config-4 edited as documented; a very good driver, many thanks to all developers and mantainers! :-O

    - IN TEXT MODE: gpm works only with device=/dev/[psaux|input/mice|input/event0], type=imps2|autops2, losing tap functionality, third button, ecc. If I try with type=syn|synps2 and enable debugging (-D) and error printing (-e), I see a lot of "error read()ing: couldn't find file" messages.

Anyone can help?

    Piero Furiesi

(*)I read threads started by: ".: Alex Budianto :."; "jyb"; "The Durston-Smiths"; and "Filipe Santa-Clara".

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