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Re: hangs on startup at "Choose your current network environment screen"

On 19 Jun 2004, peter robinson wrote:


> ===>>> Thanks. Unfortunately, it didnt quite work. I booted from DVD with the
> installation DVD and booted as
> rescue root=/dev/hda1
> The rescue system appeared to boot, but the same screen appears and
> freezes...

Try booting with:

  rescue root=/dev/hda1 single

That may get you a prompt for the root password, and the shell, before
you get to the broken code.

Otherwise, boot with:

  rescue root=/dev/hda1 init=/bin/bash

That will allow you to make the changes you need, but requires that you
remount root as read/write, and sync manually, before you reboot.

If you are not sure of how to manage that then you probably don't want
to fuss with that method; it kind of depends on knowing Unix will

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