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[debian-laptop] hangs on startup at "Choose your current network environment screen"

Dear list,

this is my first attempt at a debian installation, so please forgive if this 
is a stupid question (and yes, I did search google/the archives :-) ).

After an initial installation of the basic system on a hp pavilion ze4600 
(Debian 3.0 release 1a), I used dselect to install some more packages via 
ftp; the download worked properly, but the system crashed during the 
configuration step.
Following a restart, the system immediately freezes after booting and displays 
the screen:
 "Choose your current network-environment"
The name of the settings I defined in dselect as well as "new" appear on that 
screen. However, the computer is completely frozen.

Is there any way of resucing this installation (which had been going so well 
:-) )??



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