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Re: hangs on startup at "Choose your current network environment screen"

On 18 Jun 2004, peter robinson wrote:
> this is my first attempt at a debian installation, so please forgive if this
> is a stupid question (and yes, I did search google/the archives :-) ).
> After an initial installation of the basic system on a hp pavilion ze4600
> (Debian 3.0 release 1a), I used dselect to install some more packages via 
> ftp; the download worked properly, but the system crashed during the 
> configuration step.
> Following a restart, the system immediately freezes after booting and displays 
> the screen:
> "Choose your current network-environment"

It sounds like you installed 'netenv' or something like that; for what
it is worth, you can get the same, or very close to, that functionality
with the core network tools. :)

> The name of the settings I defined in dselect as well as "new" appear on that 
> screen. However, the computer is completely frozen.
> Is there any way of resucing this installation (which had been going
> so well :-) )??

Yes, absolutely.

When you boot off the Linux install media, you can either:

1. use a 'rescue' kernel to give single user mode.
2. start the install, switch to VT2, start the terminal and then mount
   your drive.

The help screens in the boot loader cover how to achieve option 1;
basically invoke a different boot configuration.

Option 2 should be pretty easy if you are familiar with Unix.

Either way, remove the startup link for the broken package and then boot
from the hard disk again. Viola, problem gone.

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